Bundling and minification

Bundling and minification is good reducing HTTP requests, which will have positive impact on the performance.

Less HTTP requests will boost your website speed.

Today in many web applications, several css and JS files are being used. Each JS and css files requires HTTP requests that goes to edge or origin. Even if you are using Persistent connections and multiplexing there is an associated latency cost. In order to avoid Round Trip Times (RTT) JS and css files can be bundled into a single file and minified. Fewer bytes means fewer round trips which means less time spent.

Moreover, you can compress HTML output and remove white spaces along with new lines. This improvement also will increase the response time.

For text files bundling and minification while using HTTP compression makes a difference. You will feel the difference right away. A server will compress objects before they are sent and result in a 90% reduction in bytes on the wire.

All textual content (html, js, css, svg, xml, json, fonts, etc.), can benefit from compression and minification.

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